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Metrics: the right way to analyze digital actions

Metrics, clues and principles to find out the ROI in Social Media. Lists to define your succesful actions in Digital Marketing.


Harry Gold lists up to 14 metrics to calculate the ROI in Social Media. You can read mor in ClikZ. Anyway, this is the resume of his work:

  1. Social connections
  2. Social page views
  3. Video/SlideShare views
  4. Engagement rate
  5. Talking about this
  6. Facebook reach
  7. Retweet rates
  8. Twitter impression reach
  9. Social clicks
  10. Chatter levels
  11. Socially-referred site traffic
  12. Socially-referred leads
  13. Socially-referred revenue
  14. Media equivalent value

Do you need a graphic? Do you need a graphic? Mark Smiciklas builds more than an infographic: a complete Social Media Measurement Model (Social Media Explorer).

Jason Miller is more concise, in Social Media Examiner. He gives five clues to to find out the ROI:

  1. Examine Referring Traffic
  2. Review the Quality and Relevance of Content
  3. Look at Share of Voice
  4. Track the Total Size of Community and Engagement
  5. Measure Sentiment

Jenn Deering Davis talks about five principles, five golden rules to follow when calculating the ROI. Read more in Kissmetrics…. So, here they are:

  1. Volume
  2. Reach
  3. Engagement
  4. Influence
  5. Share of Voice

Jeffrey Vocell explains this five reasons, too, in a large post in Social Media Today.

In the other hand, Marcus Sheridan shows The 10 Most Misleading Social Media Metrics in the World, in The Sales Lion. He makes some serious questions about:

  1. Alexa
  2. Klout
  3. Twitter Followers
  4. Likes, Tweets, Shares
  5. Fans
  7. Video Testimonials
  8. Pinterest
  9. StumbleUpon and similars, and
  10. Viral Video

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